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Nail Fungus Treatment

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Fungal infections can be incredibly difficult to treat. Toenail fungus (onychomycosis) is incredibly common, affecting an estimated 14% of the US population. With professional treatment options like laser removal and medication, we can help!

While not life-threatening, one of the biggest reasons to treat nail fungus is because it can spread to other nails and even other areas of the body. This can cause self-consciousness in different settings and medical issues if left untreated.

Along with pain or discomfort, nail fungus is unsightly, and home remedies are no guarantee. Our laser nail fungus treatment in Dayton at PureMD can help clear your nails once and for all!

Treatment Details

What it Treats

Nail Fungus
Toenail Fungus

Procedure Time

30 to 60 minutes for laser treatment


Female and Male
18 or older

Recovery & Downtime

There is no recovery period or downtime needed after nail fungus treatment. You may experience mild swelling or redness immediately after laser treatments.

Why Try Nail Fungus Treatment in Dayton?


Long-term Results

While there are countless home remedies or over-the-counter treatments for ailments like nail fungus, these do not produce the same results as laser treatments and prescription remedies.


Improve Appearance

A study showed a 91% efficacy that laser treatments for nail fungus can improve the cosmetic appearance of the affected nails, giving you clearer, healthier-looking nails you won't want to hide!


Increase Comfort

Nail fungus can impact your nail health and even cause pain, leading to discomfort and self-consciousness. Treating this condition can decrease pain and boost your self-esteem.

The Nail Fungus Treatment Process

What to Expect


Before your treatment, you'll meet with a provider for a consultation. We'll examine the affected area(s) and ensure we select the proper treatment for your needs.

Nail Fungus Treatment

Prior to your treatment, your foot will be cleaned, and your nails may be trimmed (called a debridement). Using pulses of light, the laser will target the nail fungus with heat,

Next Steps

There is no recovery time necessary, and results are progressive, so monitor your symptoms over the next few weeks, and you can book follow-up nail fungus treatments as needed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I treat nail fungus at home? 

What happens if I leave my nail fungus untreated?

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